One Stop Solution

For those who want us to handle the entire shipment process, we offer a One Stop Car Sourcing and Shipping Solution
On the EXPORT LEG in the UK: we offer a tailor made service as follows

  1. You obtain a quote
  2. You book your vehicle for shipping.
  3. We send you a shipping Note
  4. We arrange Marine Insurance if required
  5. You deliver the car to the port for shipping.

Alternative Option (For cutomers who want us to collect the vehicle from them and deliver it to  the port)

  1. Vehicle Collected and Delivered to our Premises
  2. We arrange JEVIC/ QISJ inspection and Marine Insurance if required
  3. Vehicle is Delivered to Port of Loading
  4. Customs Clearance in the UK is Arranged
  5. Vehicle Shipped to Destination

If required, on the IMPORT LEG at the destination we are happy to RECOMMEND Clearing Agents to handle the following

  1. Offload Vehicle at destination
  2. Arrange Customs Clearance
  3. Payments the necessary duties
  4. Arrange Vehicle Registation
  5. Hand Over Vehicle

P/S Our quote will not include the services under the Import Leg described above but we will be happy to obtain quotes from our parters for you to consider