How does it work?


The first thing to do is to sign up on the website. That way if you request a quote and it is not immediately available, you can submit it online and we will normally get back to you with a quote in a matter of hours.  If a quote is available for the type of goods and route you require, you will get an instant quote from the system.

If you are happy with the quote you get, you can immediately move to booking the shipment.  You will be allocated a booking reference which you must quote on all correspondence as well as your payment.  You will receive email notifications giving you the status of your booking.  Remember, your order will be pending until such a time that you have paid for the order.  You will need to notify the admistrator after making the payment if paying by bank transfer/deposit. If paying by PayPal, then you do not need to send a separate notification.

Once the payment has been acknowledged, and payment status changed to confirmed, you will receive an email notification.  Similarly, when the shipment has been picked up by the courier/shipping line, you will again receive an email notofication.  It is therefore important to sign up with an email account which you actively monitor.

Because rates/charges change regularly, if you get a quote but do not proceed to make a booking, the next time to want to ship, you will have to request a new quote.

If you are sourcing for a car, then the thing to do is to submit your request online proving all the required information. Failure to provide all the information will result in delays in sourcing for the car.  Once the car has been indentified, you will be contacted with full details of the process involved in securing the car. These details are also explain on the website under Car Sourcing.  Once the car has been sourced, it will be shipped to you as per the process above.

How long does the shipment take
How long it takes to ship your order depends on a number of factors.  The quote we will give you will also give the best estimate of the time it will take to deliver the order.
But please note that these times cannot be guaranteed as there are too many factors involved all of which are beyond our control.  We will endeavour to keep you posted on the progress your order is making and we regularly publish pertinent news affecting our services on the home page under the news section.
We also send out regular news letters with details of any special offers/deals we or our carefully selected partners may offer.  We highly recommend signing up for the newsletter. 

What payment options do you we accept?
1. You can make a bank transfer or make a cash or cheque deposit into our bank account. (payment will only be considered as made once funds clear)
2. You can pay by PayPal
3. You can also pay using your Debit/Credit card.  To do this, please select the PayPal option. We use PayPal to securely process card transactions and we will not capture, process or store your card data.

Any Questions
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or Skype details of which are available under the Contact Us menu option.