International Freight Forwarding

Ubuntu Freight Ltd is UK Registered company based in Bromley, Kent. The company specialises in the car export service to East, Central and Southern Africa from UK. However our growing service offering also includes but is not limited to:
  • Courier Services
  • Car Sourcing
  • Car Shipping
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
Domestic and International Courier Services.
If you have documents or relatively small packages to send to domestic or international destinations, then try this unrivalled service. We will pick up from and deliver to world-wide locations.  Request a quote today. For larger items or cars, try our other services described below.

International Shipping by Air, Road or Sea.
As one of the UK’s fastest growing independent shipping company to Africa and the rest of the world, Ubuntu Freight has the skills and experience to forward your belongings - safely and securely - to almost anywhere in the world. Our service covers a growing number countries and territories - using air freight, sea freight and road freight. If your desired destination is not available, contact us and will endeavour to introduce the service. All your shipping requirements are handled smoothly and efficiently - from collection and freighting to customs clearance and delivery.
With Ubuntu Freight you can choose to send your belongings by sea or air, and - in the case of some European destinations - by road. Under some circumstances it is more cost-effective to use air freight, even for large quantities. Sea freight and road freight charges are determined by volume (the space taken up by the Goods you are shipping), while air freight rates are based on size or weight - whichever is the greater.
We offer our customers in UK or abroad, a one stop solution which includes procuring, inspecting, clearing and shipping of cars to your chosen destination port.

One Stop Car Sourcing and Shipping Solution
The process of sourcing and exporting a car from UK can seem daunting to someone unfamiliar with the process and regulations but we are here to take the hustle away. Let us guide you and help you in sourcing your dream car and once you have bought the car, let us handle the process of exporting the car out of the UK upto your preferred destination port.

We strive to give you the most competitive shipping rates by using the best shipping methods and above all giving you a high level personalised customer service.
If you need a Clearing Agent to clear and or register your car upon arrival, we have partner clearing agents we are happy to recommend. 
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